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Blood Test [McKay Clinic]

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Basic Blood Test


Basic Blood Test

At McKay Clinic, our doctors are here to help you to manage potential health risks by providing specific screening programmes and a personalised consultation. Services include History & Clinical Examinations, Body Mass Index (BMI), Blood Pressure Screening, Full Blood Count, Metabolic Screening, Infection Screening, Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Screening and many more, to help you manage symptoms such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, infectious diseases and other diseases.

What does it involve?

What's included in the Blood Test at McKay Clinic: 

Blood Screening

▸ Full Blood Count
▸ Full Cholesterol Studies
Haemoglobin; RBC; WCC; 5 part differential count; Platelet count; PCV; MCH/MCV; MCHC; Peripheral blood film

This test gives an overview of blood health: highlighting early signs of blood disoders, infection, inflammation and blood cancers.

Diabetes Screening

Blood Glucose

This test tells you how much sugar you have circulating in your body. Higher sugar (glucose) predisposes you to diabetes. If this test is taken alongside a blood test for HbA1C – it can help to diagnose diabetes.

Liver Function

▸ Liver Function Test
ALT (SGPT); AST (SGOT); GGT; Total protein; Albumin; Globulin; ALP; Bilirubin (total)

This test gives an overview of liver function: highlighting your body's nutrition status, protein content, liver enzyme function and ability to excrete your body's toxins and waste. It detects any early signs of liver dysfunction.

Kidney Function

Kidney Function Test
Sodium; Potassium; Chloride; Urea; Creatinine; Phosphate; Calcium

This test gives an overview of kidney health: highlighting early signs of reduced kidney function, body electrolyte content, mineral content and hydration level.

Urine Analysis

▸ Urine Test

Blood Grouping

▸  Blood Group

This test is conducted to categorise your blood type and group, alongside your Rhesus status. It is important to know your blood type to prevent the risk of you receiving an incompatible blood type at a time of need, such as during a blood transfusion or during surgery.

Hepatitis Screening

▸ Hepatitis A, B and C Test
Hepatitis A antibody; Hepatitis B surface antigen and antibody and Hepatitis C Antibody

This test can screen or diagnose for Hepatitis A, B & C infection or determine if you are immune. It can also monitor your condition if you have existing Hepatitis.

Thyroid Assessment

▸ Thyroid Simulating Hormone (TSH)

TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) test gives an overview of thyroid health: highlighting the effectiveness of your body's metabolism.

Infectious Disease Screening

Syphilis Test

This test is a screening test for Syphilis.

▸HIV Combo Test

Autoimmune Screening

Rheumatoid Factor

This is a marker used to screen for various autoimmune disease, like Rheumatoid Arthritis, and certain infectious diseases, like Tuberculosis.


▸ Consultation by Doctor
▸ Health Screening Report For All Tests

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